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Thursday, 08 May 2008

It's a fine line between love and tech

When your computer people talk, your brain hears radio static. Or, maybe, you feel frustrated by the thought of another conversation that doesn't start and end with a simple 'no' or 'yes.'  These people, who you brought in to help make your business run smoother - these people are making you insane with jargon and gibberish.

Yes?  And even though you say, frequently, "that's too technical for me," they still continue to bring the crazy-talk?

Let me take you back a year or five ago, to the day when those computer people were new and shiny, not the haggard, coffee-clutching crew you see before you today.  When what they said sounded strange, but you went with it, because what came from their hands was pure magic.

Remember that?  You loved them.  They were young, and fearless.  And they could solve problems you didn't know you had, and didn't want to deal with.

Now that everyone is a little more technical, the problem of communication between computer people and "everyone else" is becoming more complex.  When you can log in, edit, update, and broadcast, with [...]More
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