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Saturday, 12 January 2008

the internet is people

(with apologies to the makers of Soylent Green)

Yes, websites can pretty much run by themselves if they're set up well.  They'll keep selling your product or telling your story while you sleep.  And they'll do it beautifully.  They don't take vacations, or ask for a corner office. 

They do require regular tending by humans, however.    This is true whether you have a very basic site that mimics a brochure, or a very dynamic, changes-every-day, resource that has become a site-of-choice for the masses.  

People make the internet vibrant; their input on your website makes things fresh. It keeps the most up-to-the-moment ideas front and center.  And your website can help your people do this in amazing ways.

These include:
  • daily updates to news on the front page.  Showing people who you are by what you do.
  • personal and public interactions with visitors who leave messages, especially on your blog, customer feedback area, or visitor's log, but also by email and in conversation.
  • refreshing images and updating information - your business changes every day.  Your website can too.
  • finding new affiliations and ways to market your online presence.
  • looking ahead to foresee opportunities and new site development areas.  Putting these into play, and then maintaining them.
  • developing content areas to develop, meet and/or clarify new business potential.
  • following up on questions, issues, and maintenance.  So that little problems don't become big ones.
  • if you do run a blog or feedback area, monitoring this area for potential misuse.
Having a website is the first step.  The people who help you keep it moving forward, whether they are staff, consultants, or a combination of both, will play a huge part in making that site a powerful force in your business.

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